Monthly Archives: February 2003

First Step

If I’m not sitting in front of a movie, it’s hard for me to keep still. So, on my two hour wait for a ride at the Sacramento Greyhound station, I started to put some talk into action with this book proposal. Having recently worked on the press release and […]

Non Fiction Book Proposal

This year I’d like to be more prepared for BEA. Which means showing up with my new and improved personal press kit and a book proposal. I put that humor one I’ve talked about before on the back burner but now is a good time to get it going. Especially […]

Laurie Nataro

Dammit, I missed a good author to have in Sand In My Bra! From her web site Laurie Notaro seems like an author that is right up my alley. Her site had me laughing and she’s got great writing samples in her archives. I also like her bio. Bios kill […] — Old News?

This article is a week old, but if you haven’t heard about it maybe you’d like to know about it. might not last past this month. That saddens me. I don’t read Salon so frequently that I would consider myself a follower, but I do like their style. I […]

Don’t Give Up

Today was an interesting day. Extremes. I’m working in a dive for some instant cash setting appointments for insurance reps and computer techs. By lunch I hadn’t set any. Not too uncommon, but it meant more pressure on my afternoon. I took my lunch break at the Busy Bee as […]

Hey Everybody, thanks for your patience with the blog this week. Now you can see where the extra time has been put. What do you think? I’m so excited about the new look! We’ve been talking about moving the blog from Greymatter to MoveableType for some time now, and it’s […]

Organizational Needs

I’ve recently realized I’m in need of a bible. Not the new & old testament kind, but a Jen Leo personalized don’t-leave-home-without-it travel reference version. A collection of contacts from media and fellow travel writers, to event coordinators, to writing templates, to press releases and promo material for all that […]

I Don’t Want A Lonely Life

I first got the notion that Iwanted to be a writer when Iwas disgusted with PR from my internship with Eco Challenge at USC. Yep, *the* Eco Challenge that is now famous and the same one where handsome Brit Mark Burnett is high on the hog from Survivor success. I […]

Magazine rankings by circulation

This is fascinating to me to see what magazines Americans are paying to read. Ad Age’s list of top 200 magazines by circulation Only four travel mags in the top 50. Three of which are related to AAA. 5. National Geographic 6,890,852 15. Westways 3,328,280 23. VIA Magazine 2,655,203 34. […]

Two submission calls: Asia and America

Whether you’re at home or abroad, there are current calls out for your stories. I’ve been keeping my eye on Inky Girl and often I find other writing opportunities stemming from the sites she’s siting in her telecommuting job picks. Follow her blog if you want daily leads to submission […]