Monthly Archives: May 2003

Back to the Printer

We are out of stock of Sand in My Bra in the U.S. (1000 waiting to be shipped to stores in Canada). That means that we are through with the first print run of 10,000. It's too soon to tell how many of those will be returns, and lets aim […]

Fog Party Fun

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and wind and made it to Ocean Beach last night. Especially Chris and Sean from BootsnAll who drove 12 hours to be here. I had a fun time and it was really great to see everybody. There were some people I didn't expect […]

Sand Excerpt on World Hum

Many thanks to Mike Yessis and Jim Benning, the masterminds behind, for excerpting a story from Sand in My Bra. World Hum is one of my favorite travel web sites and it's an honor to get to have one of our stories selected for their home page. You can […]

Sand at Easy Going

It is always a pleasure to come home to Easy Going Travel Shop & Bookstore. I might only see Audrey, Michael, Julie and Thelma once a year, but it's as familiar as if I was there last week. The only difference yesterday was that there were also 80 people with […]

After Hours Networking

Some people call it networking. For me, it's all an excercise in namebuilding. What am I talking about? You know the cliche, “It's not what you know, it's who you know.” Well believe me, it works. I recognized Bradley Charbonneau right away in the audience and he came with us […]

Sand at Get Lost Travel Books

Doing the events for Sand in My Bra this week is every bit of a Homecoming for me. Buy your tickets, bring a date — or go stag, and dance it up. Lee Azus, owner of Get Lost Books & Maps gave me a warm intro and told the audience […]

What Bra?

So there I am in the TT bathroom transforming from jeans girl to Event Girl, and Susan asks, “Did you bring your bra?” In horror I look down and see that in fact, I am not wearing one. I had forgot that I would need one at night even though […]

Just for Laughs!

Montreal turns into total madness during their Just for Laughs comedy festival, known to be one of the the biggest in the world. Last year over 1.4 million attended the outdoor part of the festival. 600 international print and electronic journalists come to Montreal to cover anything and everything about […]

Sand in My Brain

Sand Francisco here I come. Here I am actually, and yes, I meant to spell it that way. I got to Travelers’ Tales this morning and it's been a whirlwind of emails, trips to the printer, online searches — and my favorite thing, answering the phone. Oh yes, and hugs. […]

Jen on KABL Radio

I just got down to San Francisco for the Bay Area launch and Susan told me that I'm all set to be interviewed tomorrw by Mike Cleary of the KABL Food and Travel Radio Show. It's going to be interesting because this time I'm on the other side of the […]