Monthly Archives: July 2003

The Six Sins of Self Publishing

Ken Volmer, author of The Wanderlust Survival Guide has just written The Six Sins of Self Publishing. It's chock full of great insider info. The kind that only mistakes can teach. If you are considering self publishing your next book, check out the Do's and Don'ts that Ken has offered […]

Lunch Break: A Publishing Life in Portland

Where are the “I love Google” bumper stickers? Krista and I are kicking ass over here in the TT office. Booking events for Sand right and left. I can vaguely remember a day in recent weeks when I’ve been as happy as I was this morning. I’m usually happy, but […]

The New Literary Lottery

If you're all about fiction and working on your first novel, you might want to see what Alex Williams has to say about getting published in, “The New Literary Lottery.” I’m not sure if I will ever try fiction. I’ve never been that interested, but I can see how it […]

Palm Digital Media

I'm intrigued by the ebooks on Palm Digital Media. I don't own a Palm, but I do wonder how many people out there are actually reading books on theirs. Looking at their titles, the first thing I thought of was, “How can I get Sand on there?” And guess what? […]

Writers, Don’t Embarrass Yourselves

So, I'm sitting here at Travelers'Tales jamming away on setting up more events, and Krista called out to me about a submission that we just got in the mail. Not only were they pitching a novel, but nearly every sentence ended in an exclamation! I counted them, 33 in all. […]

Thursday night event at Capitola Book Cafe

If anyone is going to be in the Bay Area this Thursday night, we will be having another author event for Sand in My Bra. Contributors Jennifer Colvin, Annalisa Valentine, Colette O’Connor, and I will be reading with from our stories and answering questions. Capitola Book Cafe 1475 41st Ave. […]

Fact, Quote, Anecdote: writing a story, building a career

I am a gambler. In life, and in the casino. At the tables, craps is my game. Last week I was able to spend an evening in Montreal's casino and added yet another story for my backburner gambling book. In fact, the story that came from this one evening, might […]

Technical Difficulties

Bear with me. I spent too much time yesterday downloading, labeling, and resizing the Montreal pics to go with my last Montreal/Sand post. All for not. It won’t be until late afternoon, early evening or even tomorrow until I can get them going, so thanks for your patience. And trust […]

Leaving Montreal

The radio show aired yesterday during afternoon drive time and both Christine and I were able to hear it. It went very well and we didn't think that she cut anything from the segment. It must've been about ten minutes long. I'm going to try and get the tape. I […]