Monthly Archives: September 2003

The Books are Selling without Me!

Steve's Books, Tulsa, OK Book Sales: 19 Reading attendees: 0 Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi ( I just love spelling that out!) Book Sales: 60+ Signing attendees: 2 Hey, I don' care! Sand in My Bra is selling like hotcakes and that's all that matters. I had a great time at […]

Sand at the Ranch

Friday was a much better day. About a dozen hours of driving from Santa Fe, NM to Oklahoma City, OK. The Indian casinos have slowly dwindled down. And the sage brush has turned to flat green lots with the round hay bushels. Haven’t really seen any of those old red […]

Sand in the Southwest—PART II

Yesterday was a bad day. The first of all misadventures that didn't end up with any decent stories. I missed my event with the Travel Bug in Santa Fe, NM. Bad calculations, forgot about the time difference, stopped four times to attend to the signs, and didn’t have the right […]

Events I Want to Go to

Tim Cahill is coming to Easy Going Oct 28, 7:30pm I didn’t know Dave Barry had a book about blogging! He’s speaking at Book Passage on Monday Sept. 29 If you go, get me a signed copy. I’ll still be on the road. Alison Wright will be reading at Book […]

Sand in the Southwest—PART I

The Bramobile needs some BlingBling. As you heard, I had to leave the pink one in San Diego. The new rental is no sight for sore eyes. I've had our blue and white sign on the back hood where it says: Sand in My Bra the funniest book this year […]

Sand at Distant Lands

Distant Landshas become one of my faves. Louann and Angel are always good to me. They were out of Sand so I stopped by while I was in LA to bring them some signed copies. She took ten and said they go fast when she puts them right by the […]

Sand with APEX

Sometime over the summer I used Craigslist to catch an inexpensive ride down to Los Angeles. I had blogged about this and meeting Kelly Eom from the Asian Professional Exchange. Over the following weeks we set up an event with their group that they called “Pages and Plates.” They chose […]

We Got THE Call!

I'll let you guess who called us today: 1) OPRAH's producer asking for a book and press kit 2) JANE Magazine wanting to interview me for a segment on women who are creating their own success while living on the road less traveled. 3) Book Buyer for the U.S. Army […]

Dream Job, one of the best travel websites on the net, is looking for a travel writer. If you are passionate about both travel and writing, stop a moment and consider this job opportunity. BootsnAll Job Postings (They are actually hiring two positions — Customer Service/ Travel Writer and an IT […]