Daily Archives: September 2, 2003

The BraMobile Gets a New Strap

OK, I'm just going to say bugger off to all the naysayers. Thanks for the advice, Larry. The poor baby is in the shop and due to get a new alternator tomorrow. That will atleast get it started and able to drive out of the garage. Mike the mechanic will […]

Meanwhile…More Reviews are Piling in

“In the air and at sea, from Tahiti to the Nevada desert, Sand in My Bra supplies laughs as well as a quick fix for the homebound yearning for a quick walk on the wild side.” —Piper Jones Castillo, St Petersburg Times Read the whole review here. That's the one […]

Waiting for AAA

I'm waiting for the tow truck. Now that the holiday is over with I can get the car into the mechanic. I've been referred to Gomez Automotive as being an honest local shop. And yes, after talking to him this morning he sounds like I can trust him. He doesn’t […]