Monthly Archives: October 2003

I Need Some Help

I'm just leaving a good rest outside of Nashville, TN. I have a long day of driving and then I'll be shelving all embarrassment brain nodes and spreading the Sand-word stealth style in DC at the National Bookfest. That night I have a dinner with the National Association of Asian […]

Iris: a journal about women

When I was at Steve's Books in Tulsa I found this women's journal: Iris: a journal about women I contacted them to see if I could meet up with them in Virginia, but they were busy getting another issue out. Check them out. Iris submission guidelines

This Morning is Slightly Different

I start my mornings with The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. It's a great get up and begin your day right, album. It's my check in with my own personal faith. I get such a feeling of empowerment after listening to it, and end ready to do anything. But the ten […]