Yearly Archives: 2003

Wintering in Belgium

Through the tour I avoided talk about my winter editing/writing/traveling stint in Belgium. I just didn’t have the mindspace to think beyond the tour. So, I’m letting you know that I’m officially open for suggestions. I was thrilled to get a roundtrip ticket from LA to London for only $322 […]

A Question about My Writing

Last week I was taking the CalTrain to Redwood City and found a man reading Travelers’ Tales Central America. I was pretty excited. I’d never seen a stranger reading a TT book in public before. I invited myself to sit down and was even more excited to discover that he […]

Planet Magazine

Here are the guidelines to PLANET. They call themselves a “a hip culture magazine that integrates style and intelligence.” The guidelines are informative, helpful, and for those out there who think a destination piece is a destination piece is a destination piece—read on.

Her Fork in the Road

Travelers' Tales and the Pan Pacific Hotel in San Francisco are throwing a party Nov. 11 to celebrate women in the culinary arts and to benefit the Hotel & Restaurant Program at City College of San Francisco. The event will be an intimate evening with authors and food writers GraceAnn […]

Media Kitty

Well isn't this a cool and useful looking website. A web service that hooks up travel journalists with PR professionals. This is the best travel writer service site I’ve seen in a long while. Networking and Namebuilding. True you have to write to be a writer, but there are […]

Come On Over

Who wants to get together next Wednesday after work? I’ll be at the HOTEL UTAH on 4th Street in San Francisco from 5pm on. Join me for some beer and goss. We can talk about everything I didn’t have time to blog about on the tour, whatever writing you’re working […]

Tim Cahill: Jen Meets Her Hero at Easy Going

Audrey Berger, the event coordinator at Easy Going, introduced Tim with talk of his life-threatening exploits and death-defying adventures. He just rolled his eyes. On a three-event west coast tour for the paperback release of Hold the Enlightenment, Tim spoke to a packed house here in the Bay Area. It […]

Home Sweet Homecoming

I am officially back. Some were suprised to see me at the Tim Cahill event last week at Easy Going, but that’s because it was stealth. I hadn’t told people I was back yet, for sanity’s sake. I crashed hard around week 6.5-7 of the tour and except for at […]

A Caution to New Writers

“Digital-e info to go!” sounds like some abstract online thing. But what you’ll find is a great resource for new and veteran writers. Angela Booth is a great self-marketer. Today I checked in with her site and found a valuable article called Writer’s Rip Offs. She describes a variety of […]

What Makes a Great Query Letter?

Experienced writers at give the inside scoop on what you need to put in a good query letter. “How do YOU make your query letter irresistible to magazine/book editors?” For advice on other writing topics, check out their IDEA LAB.