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Working on Your Stories

Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I’m in San Diego and just started working on your stories this morning. I think we had about 20 come in since I put the offer up, but I’m still counting them up. I’ve got plenty to report, but my internet access […]

More events for Not Really An Alaskan Mountain Man

Doug Fine just sent me his new list of events. So far he has events in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and California. I’ll have to hit him up for an interview about his return to the sun. I haven’t read Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man […]

Jen Leo Interview on was nice enough to interview me this month. Jen Leo: Bra, Panties, and Talent Their support has a lot to do with travel writer Kent E. St. John being a huge Travelers’ Tales fan. As it turns out, I had been on their site getting valuable travel information just […]

Get Fuzzy on Writing II

In case you missed it, Get Fuzzy is still talking about Bucky’s autobiography. I’m a happy camper. Dec. 13 Bucky’s Great American Biography Dec. 14 Bucky’s screenplay adaptation Dec. 15 Bucky needs “Inspiration” Dec. 16 Someone stole Bucky’s manuscript Dec. 17 Fungo’s got Bucky’s manuscript

Bloggers Favorite Books of 2004

Newly Purnell, author of An American Living and Teaching English in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, flattered me big-time when he invited me to participate in his year end Bloggers and Books post. Bloggers Favorite Books of 2004 I think you’ll recognize some of these well known (mostly-lit) bloggers. I feel pretty […]

12.17.04 Weekly Stats

Current Location: Chico, CA en route to Portland, OR Current Weather: 34 Current Reads: The Tiltboys Movies this week: 0 🙁 Pitches: 2 Assignments: 0

BootsnAll Travel Party

I'm off to Portland for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Nick is back from Bali and I can’t wait to see him! It’s been TWO years! And what a wild ride these two years have been. It feels like I’ve lived three since last year’s party. Anyway, if you’re feeling spontaneous, […]

Happy Holidays Written Roadies

For a girl who traveled to more than a dozen countries and eight states in the past twelve months, writing Written Road has been one of my favorite highlights of the year. (Not to mention a much needed and appreciated source of structure). From the dark and chilly mornings in […]

Stellar Magazine

For those of you that miss BLUE, shake your withdrawals by biting into Stellar Magazine. Stellar is a new adventure and active sports magazine to debut online in January 2005. Read on for what kind of writing they’re looking for. And thanks over to Rolf at for passing this […]

Get Fuzzy on Writing

As of December 6, 2004, Bucky Katt on the comic strip Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley is trying to write a novel. It’s hilarious. Dec. 6 — Bucky Katt on what people want in a book Dec. 7 — The formula for writing a bestseller Dec. 8 — Rob tells […]