Editing Whose Panties Are These

I'm in full gear editing the sequel to Sand in My Bra. I checked in with Travelers’ Tales this week, and Sean O’Reilly who reads most of the submissions as they come in, is sending me his grades on the batch. I’m looking forward to getting them because I think a lot came in since I’ve been gone.

If I thought I was picky the last time around, I feel more so now. I don’t know if it is the winter Euro mood, but it’s much harder to make me laugh. When I read the stories, I can see the authors trying to tell a joke, and I read it as a joke, but I’m rarely bent over. I think it’s also hard to read these many submissions and find originality in destination. I don’t know how Larry Habegger does it after all these years.

Next week I’ll be in London. It’s going to be great to be going through their bookstores. Here is a link to other UK bookstores. I’m on the hunt for big names. Joe E gave me some leads, but I expect to be planted in the humor, media, and travel section for a few hours trying to find something that will agree with me. Especially Josie Dew. James’s is a big fan, and I’m looking forward to reading her latest bicycle adventures. Annie Caulfied has been recommended to me, but I’m trying hard to find something stand a lone. Maybe it’s just her Benin book that isn’t as “bloody funny” as the endorsement on the cover says it is. But I’m not deterred. I’m going to hunt down her Australia and Jordan book.




Sand in My Bra is going to be a tough act to follow. One of the kind WR fans sent Margaret Cho the submission call, but she hasn’t responded. Check out her blog.

If you haven’t submitted yet, please get it in ASAP. Thanks.

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