Gawker is Hiring a Travel Blogger

Oh Baby, this sounds like it's going to be a GREAT travel blog. Go Gawker!

Best of luck if you apply!




“Gawker’s publisher is hiring an editor for a forthcoming weblog about global travel. Now, simmer down: you don’t actually get to GO anywhere. However, there are other perks: you get to work at home in your underwear, become an expert in weird, quirky and naughty tidbits all over the world, and, best of all, you get to be a total bastard all day. The site will be a travel guide for people like us, and, hello, we all need to know how to buy hash in Morocco and pick up hookers in Venezuela. Well, and where to stay and eat too, I guess. High maintenance people need not apply. Send your ideas about what’s missing in the travel world to and please understand that I will simply delete your email if it bores me. Thanks!”