Getting My Writing Samples Ready

I've been getting ready for the Adventure Travel Expo, and man it would be a lot easier if Waterloo had a Kinkos. I bought folders, I wrote up a Jen Leo newsletter which is much friendlier than a resume. I have clips. Some of mine and some great reviews for Sand. This is the kind of opportunity that justifies lugging 50 extra pounds of books and paperwork across the Atlantic.

The only thing I need now is a printer and a copy machine. Then I can whip it all together. Hopefully that will be easier to find in London.

I’ve researched some of the exhibitors and I’m most excited about meeting Lyn Hughes and Lizzie Kendon from Wanderlust and Dominic Tombs fromGlobal Adventure Magazine.

I let the Wanderlust ladies know that I was coming since we have a history. But I neglected to let Dominic Tombs know. But after typing that last sentence, I picked up the phone and left him a message.




I’ve researched some of the other exhibitors online, but what I love about a convention is the overwhelming excitement of discovery. And I’m very happy that Chris O’Neill of the London Blog will be going with me one of the days. That way I can talk a mile a minute to him as soon as I’m done jumping up and down after I pass a cool booth.

Don’t worry O’Neill, I’ll just buy you a beer to make up for it.

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