, My Daily Routine

I'm in love. This is the coolest thing since I bought my Dazzle.

My Daily Routine organizes all the websites I want to look at and speeds up the process of browsing through them, tenfold! Now, all the time I’ve spent typing in URLs, or doing Google searches to get to “what was the name of that site again?” I can spend reading and learning.

It’s too soon to say if I’m spending more time reading, but I’m loving pushing that “Next” button and seeing how fast the page comes up. Now, when I go to London, or the next place, or the next place, and I’m sitting in some slow arse internet cafe—this will make it easier.

As soon as I’d signed up and was looking at the home page, a picture of Nick O’Neill popped up. I tried to go click on him but it was gone. Backflip promotes the public files of some members (this is free) that want to share their folders of links. By the time I tried to go get Nick’s they were having some errors, so I’ll try again later. His has got to be amazing for travel lovers.




I had heard of BackFlip before, but had thought it was for when I was at my same computer all the time. I had no idea about this Daily Routine gem.

Anyway, big thanks to Sally for showing it to me. It’s EXACTLY what I needed right now.