Looking for an Agent?

When it’s not sent to my bulk mail, I get the Todd James Pierce newsletter, and always find it inspiring.

Recently, a writer friend asked me if I had any agent leads, and that’s how I found that Jenny Bent was closed for submissions.

But when I went back to Todd’s site, I found this on his list of agents who are actively looking…

Abigail Koons at Nicholas Ellison, Inc. (SJGA)

I am looking for commercial fiction, preferably with a humorous or international/multi cultural angle. I am also very interested in
travel/adventure narrative non-fiction. My personal interests are the natural sciences, current political events, art and quirky history and would love to see any original proposals involving any or all of those subjects.




Queries can be sent to me but please include a S.A.S.E. if you would like a response….

Read the rest and get the contact info for Abigail on Todd’s page

It’s also good to see his table on the fifty authors he likes and who their agents are.

Predators & Editors is a good reference that rates, recommends, and warns you about certain agents. What a list!

And of course I still enjoy browsing through Everyone Who’s Anyone In Adult Trade Publishing.

I hope that helps while you’re doing your research.

Good luck and keep at it!