Souls of Caribbean-Americans Is Looking for Writers

There is a new publication for Caribbean-Americans coming out and they’re looking for writers. It’s called S.O.C.A. (Souls of Caribbean-Americans), a quarterly, lifestyle publication aimed at bringing the rich and varied culture of the Caribbean to life through intelligent, entertaining and provocative editorial content.

I talked to Ethel Monique Johnson, the editor for the “Front of the Book,” which includes destination, sites entertainment/celebrity and people (artists, architects, chefs, business owners, etc.) profiles. In addition to the sections she handles, S.O.C.A. is also composed of a variety of columns on everything from cuisine, immigration, sports and entertainment, as well as full-length features, fashion and beauty trends, home decor and country profiles.

Read on to hear what she’s looking for…

Monique is looking for writers to contribute to the SOCA Here’s what she has to say….




“For the preview issue, which will serve as a teaser to the fabulous things to come, I am looking for a couple of things. First, I need two writers who live in or who have been to Toronto and Miami and are familiar with the Caribbean scenes there to suggest a particular lifestyle aspect (art, dance, an event, etc.) that represents the essence of Caribbean-Americans and write 100 words about it.

I am also looking for a salon/spa in the Caribbean or the USA, that caters to or would be of interest to Caribbean readers. The site profile would be about 75-100 words. Lastly, I am looking for events that are sponsored by, cater to or are in the interest of the Caribbean community for our calendar of events page, so please feel free to pass this along to your associates or send any events you know of. The events should take place in the month of April or later.

There will be opportunities to contribute larger articles to the publication in the future, but for this first issue, the the ones listed above are the only ones I need writers for t this time. Also, because this is an independent, start-up publication, the pay is not extravagant, but I do know that it will grow as the publication grows.To that end, we are not in the position to offer per word compensation, but instead are offering a flat rate for articles. Both the above mentioned articles pay $50 USD and there is no compensation for the calendar listings, but there is also no charge to be listed (free advertising–it doesn’t get any better than that!).

I do hope that I’ve peaked your interest in SOCA, and that you will join our fabulous team of freelancers. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me and I’ll respond at my earliest convenience.”

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