Transitions Abroad

Yesterday I was surprised to find that a room full of well organized expats had not heard of Transitions Abroad magazine. So, I wanted to spread the word about this uber-helpful travel mag.

It covers everything the title implies: working, living, and studying overseas.

Don’t fear if the resources section seems a bit sparse, back issues are available online. Also, just keep digging around because there is a plethora of info and related links inside.




Wanna get straight to the writers guidelines for Transitions Abroad? Here they are.
Expat moms who want to write, read on:

In the Living Abroad section, I found a page called “Best Expatriate Websites”

You’ll see that there a bunch more sites for expats, and you can contact each of them for their writers guidelines. Here are a few I thought looked informative, if not just plain big.

Escape Artist
Expat Exchange

This was just to whet your appetite. From here you can dig and dig and dig through tons o’ links. And if you find a website, magazine, or newsletter that you’d like to write for, just look for their contact information and ask them how.

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