Writing Inspiration

I’m finally reading The Life of Pi.

As I cram in my last few weeks in Belgium, my own personal writing has fallen by the wayside. Not including blog or website stuff. No, lately I’ve been tending to that all humungous task of balancing. After several weeks of watching my social spirit shrivel up, I’ve spent this month tending to it. Point being, I’ve put that great writing attitude on the shelf while I gave my people skills a much needed emergency booster shot.

BUT….When I read the “Author’s Note” to The Life of Pi, I was moved to put the book down and pick up the wheezing laptop.




Now, I just gave you the link so you can read it from the beginning, but the part that got me was when Yann Martel shared his fantasy of what it would be like to write his book from a hill station in India.

“The lady who ran the place would tell me stories about the struggle to boot the British out. We would agree on what I was to have for lunch and supper the next day. After my writing day was over, I would go for walks in the rolling hills of the tea estates.

The part that got me was his attitude towards writing first, playing later. I liked that. And it was morning when I read it, so I put the book down, and wrote.

I just wanted to share that with you in case it could help you, too.