2004 Travel writer’s Prize from 24 Hour Museum

Calling all UK travel writers! It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran writer, or brand new. There will be categories for both.

The 24 Hour Museum and Museums & Galleries Month is hosting a travel writing contest with a luxury trip to Paris or Brussels sponsored by Eurostar.

“The 2004 Travel writer’s Prize is designed to stimulate new writing from established writers and newcomers in the area of travel writing, linking museums and galleries with travelling…

The winning features will combine travel or a journey, with one or more museum, gallery or heritage site visit. “




Deadline is: Friday April 16.

What you should write about, rules of the contest, and contact information are all listed on their website.

If you are thinking of entering the contest, they want you to register your interest with John Pratty, Museum Director.

Contact Info:
24 Hour Museum Editor Jon Pratty
Tel: 01273 820052
Email: editor@24hourmuseum.org.uk

Thanks to List Manager Francine Modderno of the WorkforWriters list group for letting us know about this. WR fans should subscribe!