Hey Green Tortoise Fans!

Green Tortoise is looking for submissions for their newsletter. You don’t need to have already been on a Green Tortoise adventure, so don’t dismiss it just yet. In fact, this seems like a perfect way to get a discount on a GT trip if you are thinking of taking one in the future.

Thanks to Joe E for sending it in.

The following is excerpted from their newsletter.

We want to change the focus of these mailings a bit. It’s easy for us
to report upcoming discounts and company news, but we’d like to include
other articles and information that might be interesting to Tortoise-style travelers even if they’re not planning on a trip anytime soon. We’d
like to steer this a little more towards news and entertainment, instead of
just notices about discounts and trips (although we know you love receiving
that too! 😉

Here’s what we’d like to offer: to help with this, we’d like to get submissions from you for our newsletter. So if you write an article that we choose to run in the newsletter, we’ll give you a $50 credit towards any of our trips. Published articles will also be archived on the website so you can show them off to your friends.

Since we haven’t done this before, we don’t know what kind of
submissions to expect, so if you submit something we can’t promise we’ll run it.
For now, here’s some general guidelines:




Articles should related somehow to our trips or style of travel,
although you don’t need to have ridden the Tortoise already to write something.

Ideas: Article on the history or ecology of one of the places we
visit, a personal account of a funny or surprising experience related to your
trip, philosophy/thoughts/tips on backpack traveling in general. Keep it relevant, but be creative… we want to know what’s interesting to

Please be concise. Things tend to tend to seem “longer” to read on a computer screen than on paper, so it’s better to keep pieces short and to-the-point, if possible. If we get a good submission that seems a bit long to include, we may post it on greentortoise.com with a link to it and summary in the newsletter.

Any other kind of writing or ideas you want to share. We’ll consider
all submissions and suggestions!

Send all submissions to

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

US (outside SF Bay area) and Canada:
1-800-TORTOISE (1-800-867-8647)
Bay Area & Worldwide: