Travel Writing for Vacation Rental Lovers

To me, falls in the category of a PR/Travel agent-ey website done by someone who genuinely likes the idea of travel. The writing they are asking for will glorify your travel emails normally sent to your closest friends when you want to gush about the vacation rental you just stayed in.

For some, that’s a fine outlet for the kind of travel writing they want to do. And because there is the possibility that some of those folks might tune into WR for some market leads, I’m mentioning it. If you’re into vacation rentals, why not write for this website. Here are some samples of the stories they’re putting up. And here are their submission guidelines.

It’s a bit too foofy for me, but to each their own. I did, however, like what she had to say about Marginalia:




“Defined as the notes recorded in the margins of a text, marginalia is that most human of human tendencies to annotate, expound, reference and illustrate.”