A Humorous Bit on Fact checkers

If you hate having your articles fact checked, you’ll enjoy this piece by Florence King:

“First, we kill all the fact checkers”




Personally, I would love to have a fact checking slave who runs both sides of the Q&A. Here’s how our days would go:

“Jen, are you sure you spelled that correctly?”
“Of course not, can you please go look it up and fix it for me?”
“Jen, you got his name wrong, too.”
“Hmm. I’m really not surprised. Could you please go sign me up for that grammar class over at the community college?”
“But Jen, that’s grammar, and this is about getting your facts right.”
“Yes, well, when you said I had this wrong, it reminded me that I just don’t know where commas and semi colons go. Please sign me up.”
“Will do.”
“Great, I’ll go get the ice cream.”
“Well come on, you just did all that work for me, lets have some ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s Thank You ice cream.”
“Jen, Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t have a flavor called Thank You ice cream.”
“Oh stop being a fact checker for just one sec and eat some ice cream.”