Desperate for Tech Help

Do you want the short version or the long version? I never give the short version, but I will this time.

I had a once in a lifetime experience yesterday. Traditional Easter Orthodox celebrations in a small village in rural Bulgaria. While I was there I took two of the best photos of my life. Pictures that could be part of a photo essay. Pictures that could help lift my submissions to a different level. It was a true gift.

Then, in trying to save them with a special lock, I erased the whole lot. Not just the two pics, the whole memory card. I know, I’m an idiot, but that doesn’t matter now. I’ve lost hundreds of photos from all winter. The whole lot. Even a bunch that I’d hoped to use for my HC and Student Traveler assignments. And the most important ones, of this Bulgarian family that took me in and were showing off the photos to the whole village last night.




So far I found this photo recovery program.

Can anyone help me with this? I have not taken another picture since the mishap. Is this program the best thing for me to do? Will I have to wait till I get back to London to do it? Basically I need a handholder to assure me that I can recover my photos through this process. And to walk me through it would be even better. For free or for hire, it doesn’t matter to me. I need a tech hero.

Also, if I have to wait to do this from a home base, can I use the camera if I buy another smart card? Or is the memory in the camera somewhere, too? This website gives me hope, but I need more confidence.

Please help if you can. I want to give back to this Bulgarian family as big of a gift as they’ve given me.