Euro Jen’s April Itinerary

Ok, I finally got on the train. I pulled an all nighter in Amsterdam last night. Then took the train to Munich today. Now I�m catching another one to Budapest for a few days then on to Greece for Easter weekend.

After that I�ll have one or two more Eastern Europe stopovers like Krakow or Bucarest and Constanta. Then on to Prague for a few days.

After that it gets jumbled, but I�m hoping for Paris, Sevilla, Baden Baden, and another town in Germany to visit some family friends.




Today I bougt a casino dress and the sexy boots I�ve always wanted. It wasn�t the second most important dress I�ll ever buy in my life, but it should get me in to the casinos in Baden Baden and Bucarest.

I had a really hard time leaving London, but at least I was encouraged to come back for a longer visit than this last one. What to do, what to do.

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