Revised Itinerary

Ok folks, I’m going to have to give the hot black dress a whirl in Spain instead of Baden Baden. A WR fan wrote in and invited to show me around Cadiz, so I’m adding it to the list. (Providing I can get a cheap flight back to London).

Though I am let down by a missed opportunity to gamble at Europe’s oldest casino…the Student Traveler articles will be better for some Spain coverage.




If you’re interested in where I am and where I’m going, read on…

4/14-16 Prague, CZ
4/17-18 Ausberg and Munich, Germany
4/19-22 Croatia (Rijeka, and Split)
4/23-24 Paris, France
4/25-26 Sevilla/Cadiz, Spain

I’ll be back in SF on April 28. I’ve got wedding stuff all weekend but will try to organize a get together the first week of May. Let me know if you’re interested in being on the guest list. It’ll probably be happy hour some where. Maybe in North Beach, believe it or not, I’ve been missing NB. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to meet with anyone individually.