Get Your Backpack Nation Stories In

The deadline to get your stories into Backpack Nation is almost here.
Brad Newsham is looking for stories that

“Echo of the “pay-it-forward” principle and the Good Samaritan parable…stories that reflect the magic of foreign travel… stories that shine light on individuals trapped in the world’s worst political and economic situations…stories that capture the delights and difficulties of cultural interchanges…anything that touches the human heart…the personal “investment” of the author”

Read the Submission Guidelines and then email your story to by May 15, 2004. Twenty stories will be chosen, and then voted on by the public at




If you don’t know Brad, he is someone special. His heart wants to save the world in some ways, and his love for travel, life, his family and those less fortunate is inspiring. I recently had a Backpack Nation experience and hadn’t even thought to submit it until I read the guidelines before posting to you here. On one hand I don’t feel enough of a global activitist to try and be a part of Backpack Nation, but after talking to Brad, we’ll see. If anything, he is open to goodness. And if you have a story to share about Westerners being kind and generous to those who could benefit from that kind of generosity, then by all means, write it up and turn it in.

We’ve all got one more week.