Jen Leo 6.0

I can no longer complain about my family not reading my writing because 1) I just wrote another piece that I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t see. It’s for the Panties book and there’s way too much nudity for us to maintain straight faces over Thanksgiving dinner. 2) They are in full support of the cause and just fronted me the money for a new computer.

I bought a PowerBook G4. Yep, stayed Mac. It’s my fifth. This time last year I was pursuaded to switch, but chose not to spend the dough. This year, those birds weren’t in my ear and this was the easiest way to get me out of computer quick sand.

I can definitely see both sides to the controversy, but I’ve got enough internal debates in my head not to add another. And I must say, their movie product placements are working on me. Just like the Adidas ads won me over to the adventure sandals in the mid 90s. Oh how I miss my adventure sandals.




As for other Leo upgrades, I bought a suit and running shoes. Not to be worn at the same time, of course. It’s all about equipment this week as I tackle the most important To-Do list I’ve had in long time.

Problems with Jen Leo 6.0? Moveable Type is not grooving with the new computer. (That’s what I use to get this blog up) Until I get help, I have to hand code all my URLs. So there, all you PC people can get your “I would’ve told you” jabs in. Go on, I can take it.