Monthly Archives: June 2004


I'm finally done with my story. Just turned it in. I think it took 6-7 rewrites, but the last 2-3 were mostly additions and minor fixes. It was the 5th version that was the big improvement. Oh I don’t know, it’s all a blur now. But the good part is […]

Rolex Awards

Did you guys see these in the National Geographic Adventure newsletter? The Rolex Awards Projects $100,000 each for five winners. Does your project “expand knowledge of our world, improve the quality of life on our planet or contribute to the betterment of humankind”? You would be competing with 1500-2500 applicants […]


I am now into the fifth revision of my story for the Panties book. The original version was way too long, somewhat offensive, and did that thing I hate the most when reading other writers’ stories—I did this, and then that, and then I did that other thing, and… Chronological […]

What’s Being Talked About

Today, my recent piece in TIME, “The Google of Travel Searches?”, made it to the #1 slot for “Most Emailed Stories”. The top five are ranked on their home page half way down on the right. It was good to get out to the InsideOutMag party last night. I saw […]

Hello J. Maarten Troost…

The Seattle Post Intelligencer put out a recommended Summer reading list and a few travel lit books were mentioned. “Solar powered literature: Hot titles for reading and relaxing” By John Marshall Despite the nightstand pile up already causing a six book back up of guilt, J. Maarten Troost is getting […]

Dispelling the Dream

Thanks to Publishers Lunch, I read a good article this morning about the realities of publishing a first book. “Pile ’em high… then let ’em die” from The Independent. “‘I want more than anything else in my life to be published – to read my reviews and to see people […]

Tim Cahill: Lost in My Own Backyard

Tim’s new book, Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk Through Yellowstone National Park, is now available. I haven’t read it yet, but I think it’ll be a great addition to the Crown Journeys series. I might even get it on audio. Cahill stumbles from glacier to geyser, encounters wildlife […]

North Beach Festival

Oh man, I’m missing the North Beach Festival! It's this weekend in San Francisco and I’ll be at UCLA for a graduation. This is an umpteen annual Travelers’ Tales tradition to have a booth there, give great discounts on our titles, drink micro brew, eat calimari, pizza, garlic chicken sandwiches, […]

Crafting the Personal Travel Story

It's not too late to get into Larry Habegger’s class at Book Passage this weekend. Crafting the Personal Travel Story One day. Six hours. Top notch instruction. For those of you who write me and ask me what I might suggest for getting started in travel writing, this is it. […]

InsideOut Party Next Week

I’m slammed. With the tour, with freelance assignments, with big huge projects I haven’t touched since Europe, and most importantly—with being excited about taking two vacations and figuring out where I want to go for them. Anyway, even though I’m newly back in the Bay Area, I’m just not interested […]