I am now into the fifth revision of my story for the Panties book. The original version was way too long, somewhat offensive, and did that thing I hate the most when reading other writers’ stories—I did this, and then that, and then I did that other thing, and… Chronological order. It’s a big pet peeve. And I was conscious of it while writing, but sometimes you just need to use the first draft to get the story out.

It was also more than 2000 some words which has proven to be a big turn off in these humor books.

But as of now, v.5 is down to 1209 words. I’ve got one more day for revisions and then it’s go time.




I met with Larry for the final touches on the book yesterday. We turn it into Susan for production first thing Monday. After this, that’s it. No more nickel and diming her. If I find a funny sidebar, too bad. But I do still have to find a great Intro writer, and I’ll be working on that this week. Along with continuing to book the tour. And somehow, someway, I’m going to find the time to write some rejection and acceptance letters.

Don’t start checking the mail yet, it’ll take me a while to get through everyone.

BTW, I can’t wait for you to see it! The reviews and awards we got for Sand will be a tough act to follow, but there are plenty of stories in Panties that will have you LOL. Now, whether or not you RAOTFLYAO, well, who knows? Humor is so subjective.