What’s Being Talked About

Today, my recent piece in TIME, “The Google of Travel Searches?”, made it to the #1 slot for “Most Emailed Stories”. The top five are ranked on their home page half way down on the right.

It was good to get out to the InsideOutMag party last night. I saw a handful of people I knew, and watched other fellow travel enthusiasts win a variety of Travelers’ Tales books and copies ofNo Touch Monkey! And Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late. Thanks for the beer Josh and Helene!

I was impressed by the photos submitted for the contest. I oohed and ahhed over those a bit with Joe E who also had a photo included in their slide show.




What other topics came up?

That was a taste of some of the travel writing related stuff. The really fun conversations happened after the party when I was having dinner with Gregg B’s college friends. It was fascinating to hear about the lives of four single men at forty. They all seemed to be working towards very different things. My fingers are crossed they’ll keep their word and ask me to their next poker night.