Where Is All the Good Travel Literature?

You tell me.

Lately I've been spending time with Jim Benning and Rolf Potts. Even though we are knee deep in the web world of travel writing, when we sit down for beers or dim sum it all comes back to print. But not quite in the way you’d think. It’s not some sun-induced market leads swap session. Rather, it’s an engaging and often animated discussion about recent reads, other authors, book proposals, agents, and travel magazines.

Yesterday the guys made the observation that if your story doesn’t have a number in front of it, it’s not getting in. Have travel magazines reduced themselves to series of “Bests”? The Best Beaches…The Best Hotels…The Best New EU Addition You Can Travel To For Under $50 A Day.




Maybe the ADD level is so high that there is no audience with an attention span for longer pieces. So, where are all the good travel essays?

I’m asking you. Not telling you. I’d rather this be a discussion. Tell us the last travel related magazine article you read. What was it, and where was it printed? If you can remember or track it down, give us the author.

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