Monthly Archives: July 2004

Andrew Dean Nystrom

Last night I met Andrew Dean Nystrom for the first time after months of sporadic emails and YM chat sessions. ADN is the author of several Lonely Planet guidebooks including my fave playground, Las Vegas. His other books include LP Bolivia, LP Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring, and […]

New Resume

Contrary to popular day-dreaming, not all work lands in your inbox pitch-free. Though, I wouldn’t have known it the way my luck has been the past six months. Touch wood. So, I’ve started to think about and plan a more structured life after the Panties tour. The first thing that […]

Media Bistro: Freelance Marketplace

Media Bistro is well known for their writing classes, career advice, industry job leads, and great articles on “How to Pitch” different markets. Today, I took a look at their Freelance Marketplace. Whether or not you decide to display your trade with them, do have a read of the many […]

Big Bad Penguin

I was cruising Boing Boing today because I heard they had a post on a new OREILLY magazine called Make. But I was happy to get sidetracked with this other story: Penguin Putnam’s racketeering domain-name scam It seems that the big dogs are hounding some woman over a domain name, […]

The Vanity of an Author…

…this author. OK, so we’re usually here talking about the creative and business end of being a writer. But what about the emotional side? Too big of a topic, but here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. My bio picture. Yesterday, I had the beginnings of a panic attack when […]

Will Saddam Hussein Read Sand in My Bra?

World Hum has a hilarious post on their blog today about Saddam’s potential new hobby as an armchair traveller. Jim suggested a few books for him to open while he’s biding his time, and Sand in My Bra made the cut. I’m still laughing because I had the immediate thought […]

Assignment Desk

I just wanted to remind you how cool Media Kitty is. I did a post on it when I first discovered it last year. Since then I’ve been reading their newsletters, considering their leads, and once I posted a request. Anyway, they have a cool section of their newsletter called […]

Submission Call for Professional Wilderness Women

I just got the heads up on a new anthology that’s being put together. You’ll love the title, A Mile in Her Boots: Women Who Work in the Wild. But make sure you read the fine print. Jennifer BovĂ©, the editor, is not looking for travel stories or articles about […]

National Geographic Home Collection

Damn they are smart. National Geographic has taken their branding to the living room and we’re not talking about another coffee table book. National Geographic Home Collection “This year’s line pays homage to many world cultures in details that reflect with depth and whimsy the spirit of wildlife; tribal and […]