Blogging Into a Travel Writing Class

George Estrada just started a blog for his travel writing class at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

JMC 490 Travel Writing

It is mainly for the class to post their comments on travel, class readings, and assignments. However, lookie-loos can see what they are reading, and what the critiques are. Ooooooh first level gossip about big name travel writers!




Currently they are dissecting a Paul Theroux piece. Should we try and guess which one? I’m thinking The Kingdom by the Sea: A Journey Around the Coast of Great Britain. But then they start talking about Mongolia. My guess is that it’s a sampling of him.

One person thought Theroux was a rambler. But then this person came back with a profound reply:

“his piece made me feel humble. Turning the most banal and mundane daily occurances into something that can entertain is a gift indeed. Now I will have to go out and buy the book, simply because I want to own it.”