These Things Happen

On Friday night I got an email from Larry that said two of our book excerpts were being cut from the TOC. One was from Sarah Macdonald’s Holy Cow! and the other from It’s Not About the Tapas by Polly Evans.

To fix this productionwise we re-added two original submissions that had been cut earlier in the week. Obviously this is the short version of a complicated decision making process. When Larry asked me if I was upset, I had to say no. Sure, I could’ve chosen to be very upset, but it just didn’t make sense to spend the energy doing that when I need to reserve it for the tour. Let alone booking it!




Earlier in the process authors asked me if their story was IN. I always hesitated to say yes or no because even if I loved a story, these things happen. Another reason why I didn’t get too upset about the last minute changes. Instead I will just encourage you to read both HOLY COW! An Indian Adventure and It’s Not the Tapas: Around Spain On Two Wheels These are books by women travel writers that I enjoyed.

There are a lot of great laughs in Whose Panties Are These, and though these stories will be missed, I can assure you there is still plenty to laugh about. It’s going to the printer this month, so we’re almost there!