A New Tim Moore Book

spanish.gifThe well loved Tim Moore has just launched his fifth book. Travels with My Donkey is newly available in the UK, but not expected in the U.S. until February of 2005.

Alex Lightfoot from The Observor wrote up a review of Moore’s attempt to conquer the Camino de Santiago in Spanish Steps in “Have donkey, will travel”

“Moore joins the Confraternity of St James, an organised pilgrimage, and finds plenty of comic potential in his new comrades. ‘There was something desperately dispiriting about rucksacks: put one on and the visual perception of your humourless inanity is boosted by as much as 24 per cent.’




This may seem a little unkind, since his fellow pilgrims are undertaking the journey for more substantial reasons than to make money by writing a comedy travel book, but Moore soon ups his comic ante by deciding to make the trip on a donkey called Shinto.”

Here are some of Tim’s other travel books:
French Revolutions
Frost on my Moustache
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