Calling Travel Writers with the Scoop on Africa

I've just heard that the award-winning Irish travel TV series Amu is looking for travel writers to give them leads for their upcoming series on Africa. Word on the street is that this a hilarious show where Hector O hEochagáin goes on crazy adventures. Some have included:

  • roaming the streets of Amsterdam looking for love
  • dangled weights from his danglies in Taipei
  • taken an undercover tour of Bolivia’s most notorious prison.
  • been on stage with the Ladyboys in Bangkok
  • trained with the Foreign Legion in French Guyana
  • sang Irish songs with the Indians of the Amazon in Brazil

Now the producers of Amu are looking for story leads for a 13 part series that will take them across the Continent of Africa.

“We are looking for mad stories, unusual people to interview, weird things, fettishes maybe, interesting, off track, wacky etc anything that would be really mad television viewing. We will be doing the normal stuff aswell but it is the other stuff that really makes the programme what it is.”




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(Thanks, Andrew! You didn’t tell me this popular funseeker was a gambler :-))