Rough Guides Directions

Rough Guides has released a new line of city guides called Directions. Here’s a description from their press release.

“DIRECTIONS are an original alternative for visitors on a short break, travellers in a hurry or weekenders who want a quick fix with attitude. Full of the detailed research you’d expect from a Rough Guide but with fewer pages, DIRECTIONS differ from Rough Guides in being lighter on text and richly illustrated, with a third of each guide in full colour and feature fold-out colour maps for easy reference, a wealth of specially commissioned photography and – unique to Rough Guides – ane-bookCD. The guides are perfect for those who don’t want a big guidebook or who are going away on a short break.”

Hmmm…did they have a little Moon Metro envy? 1843533170.01.THUMBZZZ.jpg1566916623.01.THUMBZZZ.jpg




Moon’s new June titles were Moon Metro Las Vegas, and Moon Metro Vancouver. Here’s a link to submission guidelines and a list of future Moon Metro books Avalon wants to do.

Here’s a link to the Rough Guides writer’s guidelines.

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