CNT Editor (UK) Gives Great Advice to Wannabe Travel Writers

Even if you don’t live or want to write for UK publications, this is still a good article to read.

Sarah Miller, Editor of Condé Nast Traveller (UK), tells all.

I loved what Miller had to say here,

“Travel journalists come to you and say: ‘I’d like to do something on Spain.’ I say: ‘No darling, Spain is a country, not an idea. We are journalists here, we’re not an encyclopaedia, nor are we a guide book.'”




What, no in-house writers or photographers?

“Today, she presides over a network of global stringers – there are no in-house writers or photographers – and a magazine with an 83,000-strong circulation, mainly from subscriptions. While she admits that her readers are “well-heeled”, she stresses that just because the magazine is part of the glossy Condé Nast stable does not mean it features “astronomically expensive” destinations. “Our readers take holidays frequently and people who take holidays frequently are by definition well-heeled. But they also have an attitude of mind that says you can have a stylish holiday and you can use a low-cost flight to get there.””

You really have to read the full article, because the whole thing tells you a lot about the magazine and can help you if you want to pitch to them. Look for what they are already writing about. Did you notice they like their own backyard a whole lot? But do you homework. Make sure you’re not pitching them something they just did four months ago. AND…. make sure you read this:

“Writing for Condé Nast Traveller is surely one of the nicest jobs in the world. Contributors include esteemed authors such as William Boyd and the Booker-shortlisted Nicholas Shakespeare, while Ben Schott has just been signed up to write about travel miscellanies.

But Miller, who receives about 50 unsolicited manuscripts a day, is keen to disabuse wannabe travel writers of any romantic notions. “I always say to people who say ‘I’d like to be a travel writer’, don’t. Please just be a good writer and submit great story ideas that will inspire our readers. What I’m interested in is the world – I’m as interested in the effect of new cultural buildings in Bilbao on the local economy as an interview with Michael Palin.””