I Think We Need To Party!

My stress is showing. People are looking at me funny. I’m barking at Rolf in comments sections. I’m having bad dreams and begging a Canadian to meet me in Vegas. Well, that’s nothing new, I invite most men to join me in Vegas. Larry laughs that I measure a man by the his willingness to meet me in Vegas at the drop of a hat. No one has ever said yes.

Clearly someone needs a little something something…Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about A MOJITO!

As I reeled out a mile long To-Do list to Tara this past weekend, she gracefully reminded me to celebrate the release of Whose Panties Are These? as well as work my ass off.




Duh. So, lets have a party. I want Mojitos. And I don’t want to drive home.

WHERE: Orbit Room (On Market Street up from Get Lost at Market & Guerrero)
WHEN: Right after the Get Lost event, so come to the event, too!
DATE: Monday, September 13th
BRING: Money for your own drinks. Sadly, I can’t fund this. But maybe I’ll buy some apps for all that come….yes, I can at least do that much.

Back to Vegas. I am trying to go next week because I smiled my way into a few sidebars for Lonely Planet’s The Best of Las Vegas. (Thank you, Nystrom) So, if anyone is road trippin there this weekend or wants to share some gas, give me a hollar. I’m free Saturday – Tuesday.