Global Travel Writing Ideas Bank

Today I found the [via Jay Gesin’s Anthem Book Blog]

It was a bit too activist oriented for me to participate or follow along, but it got me thinking about how cool it would be if there was something similar for travel writers. doesn’t do it for me, but MediaKitty does. And even then I don’t have the time to pursue the leads that interest me.

So…if we were to do something like that here on WR, hypothetically speaking, would it work? Here’s something that would be working against us…





I think that most authors are fairly protective of their contacts, let alone ideas. Even, can you believe it, me? As much as I try to share, it might only be about 90%. (I have no idea about the actual numbers involved, but you get my gist)

Would it be possible for travel writers to pool their ideas in a forum and say, here’s a great story article idea XXXX. I don’t have time to write it, but I’ll be happy to give you my leads if you contact me. First come first serve.

What’s the saying? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure?

It’s something to think about. What are your thoughts on this?