It Truly Begins

Some of you may know that I've been talking about doing a book proposal, and a book, of my love blunders. I even snuck it into a post a few weeks ago. Until I can think of something better, it’s going to be called How Not to Catch a Man.

I’ve been talking about this for years. Some people are quite annoyed with me for continuing to talk about it without doing it. Well, those days are done. Touch wood.




I wrote a sample chapter this weekend, and it felt really good. Really really good, and that’s not too many “reallys”. No more talk, just action. So, we’ll see how we go. It’s not travel writing, but maybe I’ll talk about it here and there as I plug along. I want the proposal and three chapters sent off to agents before the end of the year. By Thanksgiving if I’m really cool.

Is anyone else working on pitching proposals to agents right now? It’d be nice to have a chat group going on the side.

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