Quantifying Word of Mouth

“Quantifying Word of Mouth”by Pete Blackshaw (October 19, 2004) [MarketingProfs.com]

It is the first time I’ve heard the term CGM. Consumer-generated-media. I’m convinced that if I worked in an office, with an agency, or at any company with a staff size larger than four, there would be memos and newsrooms and subscriptions to publications that would tell me about words like CGM. I’d get smarter by every lunch break!

“CGM is created primarily by consumers who have relevant product experience and who post, share and otherwise circulate their opinions in targeted and high-reach venues: millions of online discussion boards, forums, online communities, rating and reviews sites, direct company feedback and blogs. Their primary goal? Educate each other about products, brands, services, experiences, personalities and issues.




Why is CGM so important? First, it carries an extremely high trust factor. A May 2004 Forrester/Intelliseek study found that consumer–to-consumer recommendations—even online consumer postings to forums—carry a higher trust factor than virtually all other forms of advertising, including TV, radio and print.”

But here’s the other end of it—I already knows this. First hand. I’m living, breathing, CGM in action. I just didn’t know it had a name. Maybe I should make a new business card.

Jennifer L. Leo, CGM Expert
Jen Leo, CGMer
Jennifer L. Leo, Traveling Socialite/Consumer Generated Media Specialist