11.19.04 Weekly Stats

Current Reads: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts, Positively Fifth Street by James McManus

Movies this week: Incredibles, Bridget Jones 2

Song I get excited to hear: Johnny Cash, Fulsom Prison Blues

Next border crossing: Tonight. Dinner in Mexico

Pitches this week: 2

Assignments received: 0

Current writing: Vegas destination piece (8), GoNomad.com interview (7), Cheap Stingy Bastards (4), LP Humor submission(2), Backstory my publishing life journal (4)

Degree of easyness for above:(1=can’t do it – 10=I’m jammin!)

Pro Bono: TT newsletter Panties items, Panties radio pitches, Fancy Pants Contest, editing story for friend

Author events attended/gave: 0




What’s making me laugh: My family

Coolest website Flight 001

What I want for Christmas: an agent

Real Job: Thinking about becoming a chip runner in Vegas

Next paycheck: December

General level of enthusiasm: 8.5

Biggest accomplishment: Embracing my singlehood

Biggest decision made: Moving to Las Vegas in 2005 before and throughout the World Series of Poker

Gym visits: 4

Pounds lost: 2

Most inspirational travel writer: Frank Bures (I got his newsletter with all the things he’s written since this summer). Holy crap he gets busy.

Money won/lost gambling: + $388 holdem poker at Viejas, San Diego

$$ spent on books/magazines for research: $63.37

Times I worried I might be an American 1/2 Asian non smoking Bridget Jones: 2

Times I fantasized about naming my first son Colin: 1

Times I rewrote fantasy to naming first dog Mark Darcy: 1

Times I thought San Diego was gorgeous: 4

What are you up to?
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