Building with Books

Are you a book lover? No, I mean do you love books enough to decorate your room with furniture made from books?
I found Building with Books on Yahoo Picks this morning. It is the handiwork of some MIT students who used novels, encyclopedias, and even 98 copies of the 2002-03 MIT Faculty and Staff Directory to make the furniture. Their exhibit, “A Bibliophiles Bedroom,” is currently on display at the Boston Public Library.

I liked Martin┬áDemaine’s umbrella holder, Arly Cassidy’s “Read Me” lamp, and Noel Davis’ bench. But you have to take a look at Lisa Smith’s bed!

They even have pictures of the students working on this.




“Bedroom furniture wasn’t part of the original plan, but when Lisa Smith, a senior in architecture, decided to sew book pages together to make a pillow and quilt, her bed became the centerpiece for a roomful of readable furniture. It’s not all novel–some pieces are made from encyclopedias and journals.”&#151“Book lovers make novel furniture”

Impressive, but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether they are as cool as the MIT students who were involved in Bringing Down the House : The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.