12.03.04 Weekly Stats

Current Reads: Rough Guide: First-Time Around the World by Doug Lansky

Movie this week: 0

Song I get excited to hear: Picture Book by the Kinks

Pitches I took back: 4

Assignments: 0

Potentially life changing opportunties: 1

Current writing: Cheap Stingy Bastards (8), LP Humor submission(2), Backstory my publishing life journal (6),

Biggest accomplishment: Eating healthy every day

Number of emails I’ve received/sent this morning: 60

On or offline poker played: 0 🙁




Gym visits: 1

Pounds lost/gained: ?? no scale!

Next Trip: Rideshare to SF this weekend

Next Event: Book Passage Dec 11 for Whose Panties Are These?

Planned dinners with sales reps and book store buyers: 1

Interviews with National Geographic Traveler: 1

What I want for Christmas: The Travel Book [Lonely Planet]

Website of the Week: The Practical Nomad

Question I’m asked the most: Where are you going for Christmas?

Answer to most asked question: Still waiting for a better offer

Number of of places in Los Angeles I happened to walk by and will remember if someone ever asks me out on a date while I’m in LA: 2

Number of times I almost ran into a chain, tripped and fell on my face fantasizing about going on said date: 1

Wireless Cafe Visits: 3

Number of long lost Book Passage Travel Writers and Photography Conference alums getting in touch with me and wanting to see me: 1

TV shows got hooked on: 1, LOST

Times I thought I wasn’t doing enough for other people on a grander scale: 1

Times I thought God might be mad at me: 1

What are you up to?
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