12.11.04 Weekly Stats

Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather: 52 and hazy

Current Reads: Devil in the Details : Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood by Jennifer Traig (Jennifer will be featured on WR this week as part of her Virtual Book Tour!)

Movies this week: Ocean’s Twelve

Song I get excited to hear: “Collide” by Howie Day

Pitches: 1

Assignments: 0

Biggest worry: I’m getting a repettive motion injury.

Number of days my trackpad thumb hurt: 7

Current writing: Bulgaria story (7) LP humor story (1) (level of difficulty 1 being super tough 10 being super easy)

Books I could get my name on the cover of if I pull a rabbit out of a hat and the rabbit was holding a story I wrote: 2

Biggest accomplishment: Signing book contract for The Thong Also Rises

On or offline poker played: 0 🙁

TV poker watched: some Celebrity Poker with Chevy Chase




Thoughts that Phil Gordon was starting to look charming: 2

Increased Interest in Phil Gordon after reading Bravo bio: some

Admiration vs. Disgust in Phil Gordon after reading adventure travel bio on his personal website: 8.5 vs 7.9

Need to talk to my personal Canadian Statistician to overhaul my numerical ranking system on this feature to make sure I’m accurate: Dire

Recalculated Admiration vs. Disgust in Phil Gordon after reading that he might be a Democrat: 8.5 vs. 6.9

Gym visits: 3

Pounds lost/gained: ?? no scale!

Times my pants tried to fall off while I was running across the street: 2

New TV crush: The nice bearded guy on ER who showed up this week, who is he?

Next Author Event(s): Tonight! at Book Passage, 7pm.

Next Speaking gig: Southern California Writers Association, January

Bylines: side bar in upcoming Rough Guides First Time Europe by Doug Lansky

What I want for Christmas: Chance perfume by Chanel

Website of the Week: The 101 Best Websites for Writers

Planned trips to Las Vegas: 2 (Superbowl weekend at Caesars, and 3/31-4/4 with nearly all the Leos)

Best line received: Wanna feel my pen?

Reported Written Road fan assignments: 1 from the Travel Savvy lead

Wireless Hotspot I could live at: Cafe Evolution

Today’s HIGH: Getting new personalized note cards done with an oldfashioned hand typeset printing press

Today’s LOW: I can’t go watch Pauly’s World Poker Blogger Tour

What I’m wearing: My SC shirt to support Matt Leinhart and Reggie Bush in the Heisman announcements today.

Next Trip: Portland next week for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Join us!

What are you up to?
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