12.17.04 Weekly Stats

Current Location: Chico, CA en route to Portland, OR

Current Weather: 34

Current Reads: The Tiltboys

Movies this week: 0 🙁

Pitches: 2

Assignments: 0

Biggest worry: How long before I can’t use my hands at all

Number of days my trackpad thumb (and hand!) hurt: 7

Number of days my left hand hurt: 2.5

Number of men I saw dressed in a yellow mask and cape skateboarding down the street: 1

Best holiday plans: Tahoe ski trip with friends for New Year’s Eve

Number of rejections to join me for ski trip: 2.75

Number of acceptances to join me for ski trip: 0

Number of times I was asked to play matchmaker for two Canadians: 1

Batting average at being a matchmaker: 0.00

Number of Tiltboys Essays read: 4




Favorite Tiltboys Essay: Can’t decide between Geeks in Las Vegas and Vegas Pilgrimage

Number of failed attempts at putting ex-boyfriend on Tilt: ~5

Number of times said ex put me on severe tilt without even knowing it: 7

Leo Tilt-playing rule: Putting someone on Tilt is more fun if they know how to play and know you’re playing.

Leo Tilt-playing lesson learned: Putting someone on Tilt is more fun if they don’t get you back

Biggest accomplishment: Getting TT contributor email list edited and holiday letter sent out. Thanks for your help, Laura!

Current writing: Bulgaria story (5) LP humor story (0) Letter to TiltBoys (8) (level of difficulty 1 being super tough 10 being super easy)

On or offline poker played: 0 🙁

TV poker watched: some tourney at the Plaza on FSN

Nights spent reading about Phil Gordon and Tiltboys when I should’ve been writing: 3

Number of hours spent devising plan to get to know the Tiltboys: 3

Gym visits: 1

Pounds lost/gained: Who cares when I fit into the dress I was trying for

Times my pants tried to fall off while I was running across the street: 1

Next Speaking gig(s): Southern California Writers Association, January; Left Coast Writers, August

Media: Interview on GoNomad.com (I don’t think it’s up yet)

What I want for Christmas: Ski lift tickets for the Tahoe trip

Wifi Girl: The Chameleon Cafe

Planned trips to Las Vegas: 2 (Superbowl weekend at Caesars, and 3/31-4/4 with nearly all the Leos)

Number of people that excitedly wanted to meet me in Vegas once they found out all the Leos were making a pilgrimage: 1

Number of people that told me to get a place big enough for visitors when I move there in March: 1

Number of people that freaked out and thought they might have to come get me via an intervention after I move there: 6

Line I said that had said worriers changing tune and insisting I write a story: “I’m so excited to be single in Vegas—I can say YES to ANY poker player that asks me out!”

Number of seconds I stared back blankly wondering what was so strange about that sentence: 15

Jobs: Got freelance gig beginning of March that will put move into mid-March

Today’s HIGH: Sand continues to sell well with more than 1000 copies in the last four weeks

Today’s LOW: I don’t have one yet

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