BootsnAll Travel Party

I'm off to Portland for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Nick is back from Bali and I can’t wait to see him! It’s been TWO years!

And what a wild ride these two years have been. It feels like I’ve lived three since last year’s party.

Anyway, if you’re feeling spontaneous, please come join us. The party is open to all travel lovers, and I tell ya, there’s nothing like the energy that comes from a whole room of people who are excited about traveling. Whether they’re just back from a trip, or about to go on one, the stories are always inspiring. The BootsBoyz and BootsGirl are making dreams come true every day and I admire that.




“It’s finally here! The annual BootsnAll Travel Party kicks off December 18th. We’ll be updating this site with photos and comments throughout the evening. If you can’t be there in person but would still like to show us how you’re celebrating travel, email us (chris at bootsnall dot com) and we’ll tell you how to log in.”

OK, OK, so you can’t make it? Join us via the party blog. I’ll be posting, too. If I can get up from my poker game! And feel free to bump into me this afternoon at Thunder Valley Casino. If they don’t have craps or poker I’ll be at the bar.