Happy Holidays Written Roadies

For a girl who traveled to more than a dozen countries and eight states in the past twelve months, writing Written Road has been one of my favorite highlights of the year. (Not to mention a much needed and appreciated source of structure). From the dark and chilly mornings in Belgium, to arriving in Prague after a few days on the train I was always excited to get online and see what was going on in our travel writing world and share it with you. Solo travel is considerably empowering as you all know, but it has it’s lonely moments. And in those moments, if I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I did have this blog. I could feel connected to other travel writers and following friends any time I wanted.

So, to give my thanks back to you, I’m offering to give feedback on your stories. This is content feedback and market leads. (I don’t do line editing)

Turn in your stories (the ones you really want to get published) by email as an attached Word doc by Christmas Eve and I’ll get them back to you by New Year’s Day. If we get more than 20 stories, I’ll need another week. If we get way more than that, I reserve the right to cancel this program, so consider it first come first serve. Oh yes, there is a limit of one story per person.




For the one or two of you that are already waiting for my feedback on stories, don’t worry, you are at the top of the list before this holiday project.

Happy Holidays everyone! Now, get writing!

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