iPod uses for travel writers

I already wanted an iPod, but now I know I NEED one. “iPod-oltry on the Road,” on Fodor’s RightThisWay, got me thinking. Thanks, John. Now I have reasons to justify this craving. I’m afraid you’ve created a monster.

Here’s a bit from Adam Sach’s original article on Condé Nast Traveler.

“Sometimes you don’t want to just listen to your iPod, you want to talk back to it. Before a recent trip to Greece, I downloaded the audio book In-Flight Greek: Learn Before You Land from the iTunes Music Store, Apple’s online music outlet. Language lessons on my iPod? Genius! I dutifully repeated the phrases aloud on the flight to Athens. “Kalimera!” (“Good morning!”) “Kialo ouzo!” (“More ouzo, please!”) My coach companions viewed me and my repetiti-ous ramblings with the scorn of the technologically uninitiated.




Alternatively, plug in either Griffin Technology’s iTalk microphone attachment or the Belkin Voice Recorder and you’ve got room for hundreds of hours of voice memos, tour-guide disquisitions, or proof of your ever-improving Greek”

That’s it, I need it for the memos. I can talk for hours about ideas and the next best thing I need to get involved in. Trust me, hours. Can we say sponsorship?