Outside Magazine’s Literary All Stars

Is this article a calendar of adventure hunks or another reason to spend next month’s rent at a bookstore?

Literary All Stars

Hampton Sides. Hello. Where’s my bookie? My money says this is his pen name. Hampton—kinda cool sounding, but leaves limited options for affectionate shortening. Vegas, Hampy, Vegas. Nope. Ah but look at his bio, there’s nothing more attractive than a man willing to have three kids. (Except for a little brown puppy, go check out Kevin Fedarko’s page).




Here is the complete A-List. I haven’t heard of several of them, so there’s plenty for me to learn and catch up on. Note the links to their Outside stories on their bio pages. This is cool. If you read all of it, you’ll have researched what it takes to write a feature for Outside.

Bruce Barcott, Bill Bryson, Tim Cahill, Daniel Coyle, Kevin Fedarko, Ian Frazier, Bill Gifford, Mark Jenkins, Sebastian Junger, Garrison Keillor, Jon Krakauer, Peter Matthiesson, Susan Orlean, Bob Shacochis, Hampton Sides, Jane Smiley, Rob Story, Patrick Symmes, Bill Vaughn, Brad Wetzler, Randy Wayne White.