Working on Your Stories

Yes, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I’m in San Diego and just started working on your stories this morning. I think we had about 20 come in since I put the offer up, but I’m still counting them up.

I’ve got plenty to report, but my internet access will be spotty this week. If you’re bored and disappointed that WR is a little slack this week, play Rolf’s end of the year game with me. Did you see his post?

He wrote up his “Cool Moments of 2004”




I made a list of mine while I was on the flight down Christmas Day, but it’s going to take a miracle for me to get the photos to go with it since I still need to find a decent digital imagery outfit. AND I don’t even know where the memory card is…

Still, think of your best moments of 2004. It’ll be tough to beat Rolf’s, but it is a lot of fun to walk down memory lane and appreciate friends, family, personal accomplishments, and great sights. I bet you can’t settle on just ten. I couldn’t!